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Dr Sherif Wakil

Dr. Wakil is passionately dedicated to making a profound impact on people's lives, driven by the joy of seeing patients happy and regaining their self-esteem. This immense satisfaction fuels his unwavering commitment to continually refine, improve, and expedite his protocols.


Dr. SW Clinics

The prestigious Dr SW Clinic, located in London, Dubai and Egypt, was founded through the vision of celebrity doctor, Aesthetic Awards and MyFaceMyBody Awards finalist Dr Sherif Wakil.

Dr Wakil’s professionalism and expertise in the world of medical aesthetics, regenerative medicine, pain management, life optimisation and sexual aesthetic gynaecology puts him amongst the leaders in his field. His forward thinking and leadership means that his friendly and professional team at Dr SW Clinics understand the importance of making our aesthetic clients look and feel their best.

Effectively treating the symptoms of ageing, in both the face and body, including the male and female intimate parts, as well as being at the cutting edge of new thinking when addressing pain management through regenerative techniques and getting your health back on track through bio-hacking approaches to refocus and optimise your body and lifestyle.

Dr. Sherif Wakil

Having degrees in both medicine and the arts, Dr Wakil applies a philosophy to his practice that creating beauty is art. With his keen personal interest in art and sculpting, he can deliver more natural-looking results, so individuals do not look overdone and fake.

This is the reason why patients travel from around to world to see him. He believes in only offering treatments which are safe, effective and minimally invasive to achieve the desired natural, yet enhanced, look. He also understands that each patient is an individual and carefully tailors his treatments accordingly.

He is a registered doctor with the General Medical Council (GMC), a Fellow of the International College of Surgeons, a Member of the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association, the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and the British Association of Body Sculpting (BABS), as well as President and Founder of the International Association of Aesthetic Gynaecology and Sexual Wellbeing (IAAGSW).

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World Renown Specialist

He is a pioneer in many treatments and techniques, often being the first to introduce them to the United Kingdom. Of significance is his introduction of The O Concept™ for treating male and female sexual dysfunction. He was also the first practitioner in the UK to introduce the soft surgery approach, including the non-surgical blepharoplasty, as well as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapies such as the Vampire Facelift™ and the Vampire Breast Lift™. He is also known for his signature treatments, which include the Dr SW Face-Lift and the Organic Face-Lift.

Dr Wakil is at the forefront of the field of sexual aesthetics and aesthetic gynaecology, being one of the first to start offering a broad range of aesthetic treatment solutions to treat both male and female sexual dysfunction, restoring sexual well-being and genital health through his original, bespoke, combination treatment programme – The O Concept™.

Dr Wakil has treated tens of thousands of patients for symptoms related to sexual dysfunction in men and women, which has led him to become an international trainer and speaker, as well as founder of the International Association of Aesthetic Gynaecology and Sexual Well-being (IAAGSW).

His thirst for increased knowledge in his field and his drive for perfection, means that Dr Wakil continues to pioneer more treatments at Dr SW Clinics, constantly educating himself by attending congresses and further learning opportunities around the globe.

Innovation and increased scientific research means that more and more regenerative medical and life optimising techniques are available to use as bio-hacking tools to encourage the natural healing and repair qualities of the body, using stem cells, growth factors, hormones and your own blood products to regenerate, rejuvenate, rebuild and restore natural function.

Being at the cutting edge is what Dr Wakil does, which means that he is pioneering a revolutionary life optimisation process which delves deep into how the biology of your own body works, to deliver a bespoke treatment plan to make your life better, optimise your health and refocus your body function through a number of options which can include supplementation, expert dietician devised programmes, prescription and non-prescription medication to manage weight and hormonal imbalances, intravenous nutritional therapies, life coaching, sexual therapy, plus kinetic body movement therapy.

It is an exciting time, and you can be sure that Dr Sherif Wakil is paving the way with many novel and ground-breaking options for aesthetic and regenerative medical, life optimisation, pain management and sexual health treatments.

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Dr Sherif Wakil is regularly interviewed by the mainstream press as an expert in the subject of sexual health and well-being.

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